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Is your online course falling short in terms of income and impact?

This interactive experience will teach you the art of crafting world-class courses that ensure you and your students succeed.


Hi, we're Brad and Andy

(creators of The Great eCourse Adventure)


We help adventurous entrepreneurs create inspiring & engaging eCourses that are worthy of sharing.

Did you know the average dropout rate of online courses is 70-97%?

It's never been more clear that the way we teach online is shifting.

If you are in the online learning space (or considering jumping in), this website will serve as a goldmine of inspiration, clarity and potential.

Don't have 15-minutes to spare? Bookmark this page for later. 😉

What This Journey Is...

and how to navigate it!

1. This is a 7-page website experience (instead of a boring eBook).

2. Each page is a world unto itself, with specific topics to explore.

3. Your curiosity to explore will dictate how much you get out of the experience.

4. The site is interactive, so pay attention and click things 😉

5. At the bottom of each page is a trail sign. Click it to continue the journey.

6. FYI, this journey is far more enjoyable on a desktop or laptop (but not necessary).

We hope you enjoy this learning experience as much as we enjoyed creating it!

What Lies On The Pages Ahead

  • Connecting-Ideas
    1. Cultivate "Share Factor"

    Word of Mouth always will be the best, most effective form of marketing. Which means you need to create an eCourse with a high "Share Factor."

  • soup
    3. Our "Secret Sauce" Recipe

    This secret recipe will take your course from lame and ineffective to alive and engaging. It may even save you from Grizzly Bear attacks. 

  • elephant
    5. BEWARE: The Big, Fat Elephant!

    There is an enormous elephant in the world of online learning. What's weird is no one ever talks about it. Don't worry, we'll point it out so you can stay safe.

  • __Countryside
    2. The 3E's of eCourse Creation

    Most course creators only know and apply 1 of the 3E's. This means they are still 2/3rds away from cultivating a high "Share Factor."

  • robot-blue
    4. Don't be a Robot

    Listen. Everyone thinks it's the tech that'll take their course from mediocre to great. It's not. We're gonna tell you the truth about eCourse tech!

  • compass-rose
    6. A Fork in the Path

    At the end of the day and beginning of your eCourse creative process, you will be forced to make a choice. This one choice will decide your fate.

*** WARNING ***

There's a few things to watch out for along the journey.

Keep your eyes peeled and be ready for anything.

Below are a few dangers that are currently in sight.


70-97% Student Dropout Rate

Imagine you hosted a live in-person workshop. 100 people show up, but only 3 stay until the end and get the results promised. That's what's going on in the eLearning industry, with it's 70-97% student dropout rate.

Information Overload

In the early days of online learning, courses were called "info products." This day and age people are overloaded with information. What they're looking for is to be guided through a transformation.

The Distraction Contraption

When teaching online, you are competing with the entire internet for your student’s attention. Your lessons must be a more compelling choice than all of those other options.


The World of Online Learning Needs Genuine Leaders to Build Share-Worthy Courses

Right now, we all have the opportunity to completely revolutionize online education.

This interactive tour is going to show you exactly how you do that.

(As well as a few very important things NOT to do...)

Grab your pack and lets go on an adventure!

Here we go!

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...Pssst... Click the trail sign above to get started 😉