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The Plot Thickens

When people set out to build their eCourse, they usually just think about the lessons, videos, audios, PDFs, etc…

We believe the educational content is only 1/3rd of the equation for creating a truly remarkable eCourse. 

So then what is the other 2/3 that are missing?


The Three E's of eCourse Creation

Through trial and error, we have discovered three
key components of a fantastically immersive online course.



Education is the core path & process with which you guide your students.

Ex: Lessons, facts & info



Experience is what keeps your students engaged and inspired to participate.

Ex: Interactions & perception



Environment is the world you create for your students to come and learn.

Ex: Ambiance, vibe & culture

Education + Experience + Environment


Deep Learning

Now That you Know The Three E's, You're Ready to Learn Our Secret Sauce.

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