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The Elephant In The Room

Grab your popcorn, friends, because this next topic is sure to spark some controversy!

It’s a topic we’re quite passionate about.

It’s a conversation that needs to happen.

It’s the big elephant in the world of online learning and internet marketing.

What we’re talking about is…


The Industry's Obsession With

Marketing hacks, tactics, gimmicks, sales funnels, conversion rates, lead magnets and more...

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This obession brings our focus away from what truly matters.


Here's how most course creators are taught to do sales and marketing...

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1 :: Throw some powerpoints and PDFs together and whip up your course in a weekend.

Our Approach:

This is a great idea in theory… if we’re looking to make some fast cash and run.

However, we prefer to take the time to craft something we deeply care about, other people want and need,  and we're proud to promote.

As the saying goes, “the best things in life take time.”

_Money Bag

2 :: Slap a premium price on it, cuz people will think it’s more valuable.

Our Approach:

Yes, pricing our courses is hard.

We've found it's best to start small and grow from there.

The bottom line is that it must feel like a HECK YEAH to both us and our students. Seek to find that "pricing sweet spot", where everyone feels like a winner!


3 :: Build a “lead magnet” and bribe people for their email address.

Our Approach:

These aren’t “leads”, they’re people.

Rather than focusing on “getting an email,” we focus on delighting our audience so much that they want to go deeper with us.


4 :: Flush them down your sales funnel, and hit them with an email tsunami

Our Approach:

This is a long-term relationship we’re building with our audience, not a one night stand.

When we send an email, we make sure it serves our audience more than it serves us.

Cuz honestly, nobody loves annoying high pressure sales emails...


5 :: Set a registration deadline because scarcity makes people take action.

Our Approach:

We used to “launch” our course every few months with a hard-sell right before each deadline. It felt lame and manipulative.

Now we just create awesome stuff for our audience and sell soft along the way. Our students buy when they're ready to, because they want to.

Life is good.


6 :: Use the latest marketing hacks and tactics for your next “launch”.

Our Approach

Instead of using tricks to charm people into the sale, we focus on creating truly amazing products that people want to buy.

If we need to use too many tactics to sell our course, then it's probably because it's not good enough.

So we simply seek to make it better.


Okay, okay, but how am I going to make money?


Lucky For You, We've Got The Perfect All-In-One Solution!


Peek behind the curtain to find out...

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When we make great things, we don't need to convince anyone that it's great.

They will see it, feel it and know it.

What Makes an eCourse "Great"?

  • You're PROUD of it

  • Students WANT it

  • Students ENJOY it

  • Students COMPLETE it

  • Students are TRANSFORMED by it

  • Students TELL THEIR FRIENDS about it

Craft a learning experience that makes your students say...

WOW!!! This is AMAZING!!!


If your course isn't awesome...

you'll need to use marketing tactics to convince potential students otherwise.

There Are Two Ways To Market Your Course (or Anything For That Matter)

This is a short clip from our free "Art of eCourse Creation Masterclass".

Master SalesWalker is going to teach you about the two sides of the SalesForce.

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No Longer Will We Put The Marketing Before The Art


We're NOT saying...

"Marketing Is Bad"

We are simply bringing more awareness and integrity to how we promote our stuff. 

Taking more time to create freaking awesome and valuable courses.

Marketing in a natural, human, feel-good way.


"I think the goal, for me, is to build a product that people feel like is worth talking about"

~ Chase Reeves :: Fizzle.co

That about sums it up.

What Does It Take To Build A Course Worth Talking About?

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