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The Secret Sauce


We were standing on a mountain-top when the sudden inspiration struck. 

This one idea changed everything. Could it be a game-changer for your business too?

Listen to this quick clip to find out how we discovered the Secret Sauce.

The Secret Sauce is...

Our Theme!

When you take your course and you give it a theme, your lessons, the experience and environment all come alive.

We took our normal eCourse Creation Blueprint and gave it an adventure theme about a journey up a mountain...

The rest is history.


Bye Bye Blueprint...

Hello Adventure!

We just weren't satisfied with the old way things were done...

So we blazed our own trail and created a new kind of eLearning experience.


From Good to Great

Creating your very first course is always a proud moment. Then a couple years down the road, you’ll see how it could be better. This is a natural part of the process.

The same thing happened to us. Below is a comparison of our retired eCourse Creation Blueprint to our current course, The Great eCourse Adventure.

Which one would you prefer to experience?

eCourse Creation Blueprint

  • 📚 9 Modules
  • 😐 45min Monotone Powerpoints
  • 📑 Plain Jane PDFs
  • 👎 Private Facebook group
  • 📞 Monthly coaching
  • 📫 Weekly emails
  • 📋 Boring, friendly and helpful
  • 📈 Facts, info, nothing too exciting
  • ✍️ Definitely not art
  • 💪 Felt like hard work to create
  • 🤑 Need tactics to sell
  • ✅ Participants were given a checklist

The Great eCourse Adventure

  • 🚩 14 Exciting Checkpoints
  • 😁 Short, bite-sized, entertaining lessons
  • 📔 Interactive, fill-in-the-blanks journaling system
  • 🔥 Private Community Campfire (off FB)
  • 📞 Weekly Coaching Calls
  • 🎭 Weaves storytelling, art & entertainment
  • 🎲 Gamified like a Boss Lady
  • 😍 Students fall in love with the process
  • 🎨 Feels like a work of art
  • 🎉 Had the best year ever creating it
  • 💰 People love giving us money to join
  • 🗺 Participants equipped with Adventure Map

Discovering An Engaging Theme Has Been our #1 Biggest Breakthrough

Finding the Right Theme Makes Teaching and Learning a True Joy


Okay, So How Do We Utilize and Apply a Theme in Our Course?

The short clip below will explain it in HD clarity


Clip taken from our free 'The Art of eCourse Creation' Mini Course

If you hang in there until the end of the tour, you'll get the full mini course for free.

We're Not The Only Ones

Check out some of the awesome themed courses our students are creating.

  • Tutorial Dojo

    Elijah is creating a course that teaches entrepreneurs how to get their blackbelt in Photoshop.

  • Changing World Project

    Chris is creating a natural disaster role-playing simulation to teach survival skills.

  • Ninjas In Nature

    Ken merged martial arts with survival skills to teach kids and adults how to be ninjas in nature.

  • Career Avengers

    Lisa is applying a superhero theme to her career change program (because changing your career can be a heroic quest).

  • Mission Possible

    Deanna is creating a secret agent adventure that teaches entrepreneurship to teens.

  • Powerful and Loving

    David created a choose-your-own-adventure style course that guides men to fully show up to their relationships.

\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

Hopefully you're starting to see how you can use a theme to increase your course's sharability factor

The rabbit hole goes deep. Real deep.


Care To Have an Epiphany?

Download the worksheet to complete after the tour.

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But What About The Tech!?

How will little ol' me do all of this?

I'm busy enough as it is!

Don't Go Getting Your Hiking Boots in a Knot

Next, we'll share the important truths about eCourse tech.

You know the drill, click that trail sign below and let's go!