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The Truth About Tech


Creating a great course can be hard.

Getting comfortable with all the tech bits required can feel complicated and overwhelming at times.

But what if it could be simple & enjoyable?

Good news: it can!

From Tech Fears to Tech Cheers!

Here are some guiding principles that will keep you focused on what truly matters.

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Keep It Super Simple.

Keep it clean, simple, easy and professional. Less is more.

A great course is not dependent on the tech you use, but the ingenuity and effectiveness of the student experience you design.

Tools Don't Make Great Things

You do.

It is not the tools you use, but HOW you use them.

Start where you are, use the tools that meet you there, do your best and grow into your ultimate vision over time.
(and have fun!)

Course First

Tech later.

Good technology does not create an awesome course. You do!

Create a great educational process, student experience & learning environment. Then use the tech that best suits your needs, budget and skills. 

What You Will Need

Here are the various technologies you'll need to create your course.

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A way to capture quality HD video.

Be sure you can plug in an external mic.

We recommend: iPhone w/ Iographer kit

-or-  Sony A7iii (what we use)


A way to capture high quality audio.

We recommend: Rode Video Mic Go

We use Sennheiser lapel mic.


Lights. Lots of light.

Get medium color temperature bulbs 😉

We recommend: Fancierstudio Pro Lighting Kit

Green Screen

A green screen for creating worlds.
(not necessary for all courses)

We recommend: Limostudio Chromakey Backdrop

Video Editing Software

A way to edit your videos

We recommend: iMovie
Screenflow (Mac) or Camtasia (PC)

Advanced: Adobe Premier + AE

Course Delivery Platform

A way to sell and deliver your course.

We recommend: Mighty NetworksPodia.com, LifterLMS or LearnDash

Mailing List Service

A way to set up communication automation.

We recommend: ActiveCampaign


A place for your students to connect and get help.

We recommend: Mighty Networks

bbPress (for WordPress-based courses)

IPBoard (advanced)


Make Time For Tech Learning Time, and You'll Learn Tech In No Time

Remember, these tools are not hard to use. They just take time to learn.

Make time for tech learning time and you'll learn tech in no time.

Have fun, be creative and dig in!

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